Pasadena Now: Former Council Candidates Menchaca, Tahilramani Endorse Andy Wilson in District 7 Runoff

Former District 7 Candidates Alejandro (Alex) Menchaca, at left, and Sheena Tahilramani, at right, give the thumbs up to run-off candidate Andy Wilson, at center.

Sheena Tahilramani, a Republican, whose campaign focused on social media, said this:

“I’ve been impressed by Andy Wilson’s depth of knowledge on the issues, by his determination to protect the quality of life in our neighborhoods – and, most of all, by his willingness to engage with those who may disagree with him. Andy is easy to reach, easy to talk to and he really listens – respectfully and with an open mind. Andy has also been straightforward about his qualifications and has run a positive campaign on the issues. Sadly, neither can be said of his run-off opponent. There’s a sharp contrast in this race and Wilson is the clear choice.”

Tahilramani noted that there were many opportunities, both public and private, to judge consistency and veracity: “On that score, there was a huge difference. Wilson said the same thing to every audience. He dealt with questions head-on, in a fact-based way. Hosp, on the other hand, spent most of his time making inaccurate or deeply misleading attacks on others. He was also regularly caught intentionally bending the truth. His tendency to dissemble, even on small matters, makes it very difficult to trust him on bigger issues.”

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